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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In the lead!- but still work to do!

Well, after a great night's voting from those of you based in the 'New World', we've now pulled clear at the top of the poll, overhauling the long-time leader Kickette. But we can't afford to relax- the other blogs are sure to pull out all the stops in an attempt to catch up- so it is important that we play- and carry on voting- right up until the final whistle. As I said earlier in the week, if everyone who has voted for this blog does so on every day of the competition, we'll win. Having done so well to come from last to first, let's make sure we finish the job! Many, many thanks again for your support!
You can vote here.

UPDATE: 19.15 GMT. Well, after a terrific day's voting our lead is now up to 135. But as I said earlier, there is no room for complacency. To win the award we need the votes to keep coming in right up to the final whistle tomorrow at 10pm GMT, so please keep on voting! And once again, many, many thanks for your support!

UPDATE: 21.15 GMT. The website for the weblog awards is working very slowly tonight, probably due to the heavy traffic it is receiving. A few people have written in to say that they are having difficulty in voting and that the site keeps crashing. I hope this is only a temporary problem. I'll keep the sitation monitored.

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Charlie Marks said...

Good luck, Neil - i've done my bit!