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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Cabinet of all the talents

Gordon Brown has announced his new cabinet 'of all the talents':

Foreign Secretary: Tony Benn
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Professor James K. Galbraith
Education Minister: Peter Wilby
Minister of State, Foreign Office: Dr John Laughland
Home Secretary: Peter Hitchens
Defence Secretary: John McDonnell MP
Trade and Industry: Bob Wareing MP
Health: Alice Mahon
Transport: Bob Crow
Energy: Ian Johnson
International Development: Felicity Arbuthnot
Attorney General: Mark Littman QC
Smoker's rights: Ken Clarke MP

If only............


king david said...

Love the idea of The Beast as Minister for Smoker's Rights!

the talking crocodile said...

That Cabinet would never do Neil. There's no neo-con, neo-liberal pro-U.S. fifth columnist puppets in it.

Stony Silence said...

Wot, no place for Margaret Beckett? You're as bad as Gordon Brown