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Friday, December 08, 2006

Spot the Superstar

“It’s amazing. A horse of his age with the soft ground against him and he has doddled up. What do you say?

The words of trainer Enda Bolger after Spot Thedifference today landed an incredible SIXTH win over Cheltenham's Cross Country course. Out of all his wins, this was the most remarkable, because he not only had to deal with the heavy ground, which he hates, but he had to concede weight to all his rivals.
The epithet 'superstar' is much overused in sport, but there is no surely exaggeration when the term is applied to Spot Thedifference.

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TheRedLeopard said...

The Adam Smith gang don't give a toss about 'the consumer', all they care about is enhancing the profits of 'greedy, profit-obsessed plcs'. They'll be absolutely delighted with the way privatisation has gone.