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Sunday, October 29, 2006

He doesn't just talk rubbish, he is rubbish

We always knew that the self-regarding Environment Minister (and former Minister at the Foreign Office), Ben Bradshaw, has a tendency to talk rubbish. But as the Mail on Sunday disclosed today, he's a pretty rubbishy guy all round.

Word Service interview, 23rd March 2003
Is the British Government's war aim based on regime change, weapons or any other motive?

Ben Bradshaw: "The British Government is totally consistent in this. We have based our justification on international law and UN resolutions on Saddam's illegal possession of weapons of mass destruction.

What will the UK Government do if you do not find any weapons of mass destruction?

Ben Bradshaw: "I'm very confident that we will [find weapons of mass destruction]

What do you say to the charge that the current actions of the Coalition are destroying the UN?
Ben Bradshaw: "I think there's a problem with the United Nations Security Council.We had the fascist dictator Milosevic in the Balkans running rampage for many years with the UN doing nothing".

On Monday 23rd October 2006, Ben Bradshaw told BBC Radio 4's You And Yours programme:

"If local councils are going to the trouble of making it easier for people by providing a kerbside recycling collection service, it really is rather irresponsible of people to abuse that service or not to use it.
Not only are they contributing to climate change unnecessarily but they are increasing the council tax bills of their neighbours. By failing to recycle they are increasing their local authority's costs and therefore putting pressure on council tax bills of all the other people who are acting responsibly."

Last Thursday, two white sacks left outside the Minister's home contained no fewer than 17 items that should have been recycled. Two days earlier, two orange sacks contained numerous non-recyclable items.

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