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Monday, July 10, 2006

This Is News: Stephen Pollard is Right!

I never thought I would write this sentence in my life- but here goes.
Stephen Pollard has written a brilliant piece in today's Times.,,3284-2262960,00.html
No, I'm not drunk or under the influence of illegal substances, he really has.
Apart from the line about the U.S. having an 'unparalleled record for defending freedom around the globe' (don't tell that to an El Salvadorian, Iranian or Chilean, Stephen)- he has written a great piece on the fuss surrounding the extradition of 'The Nat West Three' to stand trial in America. As Pollard points out, the post-Enron US is now far tougher on white-collar crime than we are in Britain. Instead of sneering at the U.S. for whatever it does, we ought to acknowledge that Uncle Sam does get some things right.

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1defender said...

Surely the question here is of principle. Since when were British citizens in Britain under the jurasdiction of the US law? How on earth can it be fair if the US itself has not signed up to this treaty? Can you give an example of one US citizen extradited ANYWHERE in the world to face charges in another country?