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Friday, April 21, 2006

They Like Spreading Democracy- when it suits them

I wonder how many readers watched the BBC2 documentary on democracy activists in Azerbaijan last night? The Azerbaijan government has been condemned by a whole host of organisations for undemocratic practices, including ballot rigging and intimidation and violence against the opposition. Last night we saw the police, acting on orders from the government, attack, with brutal force, peaceful protestors who had gathered to protest at the rigged election last November. Yet rather than condemn the brutality and call for fresh elections, the world's sole superpower, (you know, the one we are repeatedly told is passionate about spreading democracy around the globe) instead gives its support to the dictatorial Azerbaijan government.
How could this be so?
It surely can't have anything to do with the fact that Azerbaijan has oil and its government has sent troops to Iraq?


puthwuth said...

This is very hard to follow. This blog has repeatedly condemned US interference in former Soviet satellite states under the guise of spreading democracy. Now when they fail to do it you condemn them too. You can't have it both ways.

Neil Clark said...

With respect, the inconsistency is with those who claim they wish to spread democracy. If the US was seriously concerned with democracy why did they support the government actions in Azerbaijan?
Instead of standing up and denouncing dictatorial practises wherever they occur, the U.S. prefers to undermine countries like today's Belarus and Yugoslavia under Milosevic which are/were democratic and pluralistic.
As I've said all along, what THE NWO desires is not democracy, but compliant regimes that will do its bidding and I've posted on Azerbaijan to highlight this.

BulgarBrit said...

Too right. The rank hypocrisy of US foreign policy is so blatent and self-interested that it is amazing how so many journalists and commentators just can't bring themselves to see through the thin, artificial veneer of 'liberal-democratic' platitudes. Here in Bulgaria in 1990 the public had the temerity to elect the Bulgarain Socialist Party (mainly the former Communist Party) into power. US funds then flowed into protest movements to undermine the elected government because it wasn't quite good enough for the Washington planners. My wife recalls being offered payments to attend demonstrations during this period. Even a relatively small amount of money spent in this way can have a terribly corrupting effect on such a poor country as Bulgaria. The government was indeed forced to collapse, and these days Bulgarian governments are totally compliant with the programs demanded by the IMF, EU and the US. The Bulgarian public are now very cynical, with very low turnouts for national elections. Most people are materially worse off than before the transition with soaring utility bills, an almost non-existant public health system and rampant corruption. But anyway, at least the US got 3 new military bases in Bulgaria completely free of charge. That's democracy for you.