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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Bloodthirsty Oaf

Is there a more bloodthirsty commentator in Britain than Bruce Anderson? Anderson was an enthusiastic armchair supporter of Shock and Awe. Now he claims that 'it is important' that horses and jockeys are killed in the Grand National (url and quote below) Anderson's comments are not only repulsive, they are also ignorant. No jockey has been killed in the Grand National since before World War Two (thank God). And you won't find any true racing fan who believes equine deaths are 'important'. They are very regrettable and always sad. Anderson's writings on war and the Grand National tell us is that he is a very bloodthirsty man. But one who instead of risking his own life, gets his kicks from watching others enter the danger zone.,,3284-2122451,00.html
“it is important that a horse should be killed most years and a jockey every ten years or so. The rest of us should not deplore the loss. We should salute the bravery“.

p.s. put this in your diaries: N.Clark and S.Pollard in total agreement.

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