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Friday, December 04, 2015

Who backed Cameron & why? Will powers collide in Syria?

New interview with me on RT on the UK Parliament voting to bomb Syria


Unknown said...

My MP Jenny Chapman stated that she'd vote based on the consensus of her constituents so based on her twitter and Facebook correspondence I'd say conservatively (pardon the pun) that overwhelmingly 90% of her constituents were dead against bombing Syria but she claimed the response she got off the street was totally different which I don't accept but neither can I disprove but in the end she claimed she voted with her conscience which clearly isn't what she said she would do in the first place!! What I also found staggering was that every bomb dropped equates to around £500000!! So my MP who abstained on the workfare bill had no problem in endorsing the spending of millions bombing Syria!!! also I was informed that when the vote went through a lady labour MP was jubialantly pumping her arms in the air in apparent victory!! That and the loud cheers that greeted the result seems slightly disturbing to say the least! I don't even want to mention Hillary Benn's "greatest" ever speech the house had ever heard!!!!!!

Neil Clark said...

Hi del, Agreed, it's all been pretty disgusting the way that, once again, the views of the majority were ignored by people we pay to represent us. Democracy? Not really. Austerity? Doesn't apply when there's bombs to be dropped.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it's a majority against? All the polls I've seen indicated moderate support in the run up to the vote. I was for the bombing, if only as a symbolic act, yet against bombing in Libya and Iraq. It's not 'pro-war' vs 'anti-war' as you make out, but far far more complex. And in any case, I take it, Neil, you are not against Russia's war in Syria? So how does that make you anything but pro-war?