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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Death by moonlight: 75 years on from the devastating Luftwaffe blitz of Coventry

This piece of mine appears in today's Daily Express.

IT WAS the bombing raid that led to the coining of a new verb “Koventrieren”, or in English, to Coventrate.
“The word embodied the idea of the physical and psychological destruction of an entire city,” explains historian Angus Calder.
The Luftwaffe’s attack on Coventry, which took place exactly 75 years ago today, marked a new departure in the Blitz. 

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

It's the spirit of the ordinary people that shines through reminded me of the stories my nanna told me of making Lancaster bomber's in Trafford Park and the anti aircraft guns the bottom of her Street in Salford... Mentally tough people!! Coventry is owed a huge debt but it didn't stop the powers that be in later years to decimate the car and engineering industries!!! That was the thanks Coventry got! One thing is true though is that public spirit shone through and reinforced the saying that adversity introduces a man to himself (and woman)

Neil Clark said...

Very well put. Terrible what happened to the car and engineering industries. Coventry was owed a huge debt, you're right.