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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Nazi black book for Britain

My new piece for the Daily Express
Seventy-five years ago this month Britain faced imminent invasion.
In the spring of 1940 the Nazis had overrun The Low Countries and France. Hitler and his war machine looked unstoppable.
On July 16 the German dictator, while still hoping that Britain would sue for peace, gave his order for invasion. The plan was for the Luftwaffe to destroy the RAF from mid-August with the fullscale German invasion of Britain, Operation Sea Lion, to follow on September 15.
In compliance with the Führer's orders Informationsheft Grossbritannien, also known as The Gestapo Handbook For The Invasion Of Britain, was put together to be distributed to the occupation forces. It was compiled by SS General Walter Schellenberg. This comprehensive guide to Britain in 1940 makes for a fascinating read.

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