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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn-Why he's got Britain's anti-democratic democrats worried

My new column for Sputnik International:

It didn't take them very long, did it? Almost as soon as it was announced that veteran anti-war socialist Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn had achieved the requisite number of nominations to make it on to the ballot in the Labour leadership contest, the attacks by Blairities, 'elite' media commentators, and pro-war faux-left gatekeepers began.

You can read the whole article here:


Robin Carmody said...

For the record, Shiraz Socialist and Tendance Coatesy - both blogs which I suspect you might imagine wouldn't be supporting Corbyn - *are* supporting him, and Jim Denham has the "Corbyn for Leader" page as a Facebook like.

Unknown said...

Julie Hartley -Brewer thinks jeremy corbyn is not what labour wants nor needs? Dan hodges claims that the "lunatic" left wing of labour is calling the shots?? And the "lunatic " left is "indulged" along the other condescending comments by Mcternan and Collins! I'd say there's plenty of reason to understand that the "left wing" lunatic or not is very much alive and well and if it wasn't for the meteoric rise of Scottish and let's not forget English patriotic parties (ukip) the lunatic left would of done a he'll of a lot better! A cynic could suggest this is a right wing plot to further divide and conquer but I digress! I find the comments banded about patronising to say the least it's as if we are not capable of making an informed choice and if we dare to vote anyone who shares the values of most people I've ever known then we are also lunatic!!! left wing by definition is progressive in nature believe in equality and to help others whilst the "right" (even "right" has that air of supremacy) believes in equity over equality and survival of the fittest ect ect and these are the opposite to the "lunatics" the truth of the matter it's really about class and it's never changed but I live in hope that it does and that's why I'll try to comment when I can but I know I'm just a construction worker from Co Durham that try to string a few sentences together and to use the great Jimmy Reid's words "Many may not have rationalised it, many may not understand it, many may not be able to articulate it, BUT THEY FEEL IT" all the names I mention above and many many others would do well to revisit the speech in which the words of Jimmy Reid I have borrowed