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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Forget all our other troubles- the Russians are coming!

My new piece on the Russian 'threat'  can be read here.


jasper said...

I watched you on RT today and I am pleased to see at least one sensible journalist amongst the host of "hacks" who "pretend" to inform the public.
I sincerely hope you are correct about the British Public not buying into the scam. Unfortunately this has not ben my experience. The sheeple still follow the Judas goats into the slaughter house

Anonymous said...

Great article, however, I agree with Jasper's comment. As someone who lives in London and has lived and worked within the Russian federation (and who is married to a Russian), I can tell you from my experience that the Western narrative (propaganda) definitely is working. It is only a very small percentage of people who are capable of critical thinking and seeing through the lies.

Anonymous said...

It's terribly ironic that a writer of your moral professions so willingly feeds himself into Russia's media machine.

Unknown said...

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Pawel said...

I don´t know if you fail to see the irony in posting an article like this on RT. A PR bureau for the Russian kleptocracy. Maybe you need money or maybe you actually believe in the fact that what you are doing is for the better good of human kind.
I don´t know but the term "useful Idiot" comes to mind.

Before you draw any conclusions. No, I´m not a republican. I´m not even American for that matter. I´m actually Swedish. I was against the war in Iraq and I think the US and west has a lot on their conscience but the nonsense spewed by RT blows my mind and you sir a part of that.