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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Cameron- sacrificing UK jobs to poke sticks at the Russian bear

Inspired by the effect economic sanctions have apparently been having on Russia, PM David Cameron wants the west to maintain its ‘get tough’ approach with Moscow: “We should keep up the pressure… in this respect the interests of the United Kingdom and democracy do go together.”
"The combination of the lower oil price and the sanctions," he told Parliament last week, "are showing that I think it isn't possible for Russia to be part of the international financial system, but try and opt out of the rules-based international legal system." 
I wonder who Mr Cameron is trying to kid? The sanctions on Russia, the fall of the rouble and the current economic cold war with Moscow launched by the west, are most clearly not in the interests of the United Kingdom.

You can read the whole of my latest piece for Sputnik News, here.

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