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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Taken for a Ride- why it's time to renationalise Britain's buses

My new Public Ownership column for the Morning Star.

Subsidies for private bus companies run into hundreds of millions and the service provided leaves a lot to be desired. Neil Clark explains why it’s time to renationalise the buses

You can read the whole piece here.


David Kennedy said...

I have watched the dismantling of the Welfare State and the progressive break-up of almost all publicly-owned activities since Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979. She, more than anyone, destroyed the ethos of public service. Tony Blair took the process much further and now we have his Tory clone Cameron completing the task. Foreigners now control much of what were once proud public services, including health, education, postal services, energy and water supplies, and much else besides.

The greatest achievement of private industry is to get a contract to supply services to the state and thus establish a major financial conduit to the public purse, i.e. taxpayers' money. Massive subsidies to rail and road passenger transport is but one example. The Labour Party now rivals the Tories in their enthusiasm to support the neo-con New World Order and Pax Americana.

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