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Friday, June 27, 2014

Iraq - the things warmongers said

Now that Iraq is back in the western news headlines again, with calls for 'intervention' to counter ISIS, it's worth bearing in mind what the architects of the Iraq war and the cheerleaders for it said in the lead up and during the invasion about the 'threat' from Saddam's WMDs and how toppling a secular dictator would help the so-called 'war on terror' and bring peace and security to the region.

Do we really want to take these people's advice on what 'we' should do now in Iraq? Up to a million people have been killed since the illegal invasion and as critics predicted at the time, the war led to enormous chaos and instability and boosted radical Islamic extremism. By their own words, let the warmongers be damned.

You can read the whole of my piece from on the things that the warmongers said, here.

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GoldMorgsCom said...

Almost all politicians in the USA seem GoldMorgsServants and most from right to left in the EU. “Democracy” Are the GoldMorgs the Demos and we people animals? According to the talmud yes. So we have talmudism instead of christianity?
A woman had a tiny candy left in her shopping bag from last weeks shopping. She has been punished for theft and has been entered in the penal register. Someone informed her boss and she lost her job, her mortage and her house. Her children were taken from her because the family was on the streets without income.
A talmudic dutchman did a quarter of the worlds mustardgaschemicalsupplies to Saddam. The dutch prosecutor refuses to prosecute and the judge refuses to order prosecution (3wPUNKTgoldmurksPOINTde/d/z/n) The trader has been allowed to become a billionaire and is being protected against prosecution. One citizen handed most dutch MP’s personally a writing in 1983 warning for Saddam becoming a Hitler when being stuffed with mustard gas. It has been taken care of that the citizen did not get one single evicence that he warned. His reward for him doing his citizen’s duty was being put on a black list and secret slander around him that he was an extremist.
The german prosecutor did seriously prosecute the prevous german president Wulff for accepting a luxurious hotel-room for one day. That suggested that the german president was a zillion times as corrupt as the president of Kyrgyzstan. It sure is impossible to bribe the Kyrgyz president with less than a million dollar for whatever small favor. However, more than hundred german (higher) prosecutors refused to prosecute the GoldMorgs banksters who crashed the markets with illegal short-crashing and so caused hundreds of billions damage to german companies. (...../bgm)
Iran is being sanctioned and threatned with the same bombing as Irak, because of suspicions of nuke-efforts. A WMMME-variety of H5N1-flue has been proliferated in Rotterdam, on (GoldMorgs) request from the USA. It has been allowed officially by the dutch authorities, afterwards. The proliferators claim that it will kill billions in particular asians, if released. The same with a variety of the H1N1 flue that has more recently been proliferated in the USA itself.
So the talmud is the law for the real rulers of the USA and the EU and the national laws and international treaties are for the people and all other nations in the world. WO or NWO ??