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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'EU double standards in Ukraine absolutely outrageous’

A new interview with me on RT on the disturbances in the Ukraine.

By supporting protesters in Ukraine while previously ignoring huge last year protests in Turkey and Spain, EU officials have revealed that for them some protesters are more equal than others, journalist Neil Clark told RT.

You can watch and read the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Did you really believe that nonsense you spouted on PutinToday. You do realise RT is to be run by a homophobic nutball?

Shame on you!!

brian said...

off topic but
anti privatisation of rail rallies in south korea

brian said...

'The EU has also warned Ukraine that it faces a financial blockade if it continues to refuse to sign.

Berlin’s puppet EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton even blasted Ukraine for not “becoming a predictable and reliable interlocutor for international markets.”

The IMF has already suspended a credit line worth $15 billion in 2011 because Ukraine refused to stop subsidising household gas bills.

The EU treaty would also allow European monopolies to grab Ukraine’s crucial energy markets.

German companies are already supplying the country with natural gas via pipelines through Poland and Hungary and via Slovakian pipelines by next year, breaking Ukraine’s dependence on Russian gas.

German foreign policy group, the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), openly discusses how association agreements must be implemented under “supervision” and calls for “stringent and very painful social adjustment measures.”

To understand what that means look at the strict bailout requirements being inflicted on eurozone inmates Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and other member states.

In the long run the DGAP foresees integrating even Russia into the EU treaty system of unbridled corporate dictatorship under the hegemony of Berlin, opening up German companies to economic expansion all the way to the Pacific.

So Ukraine’s refusal to sign the EU’s association agreement has spoiled some very big Teutonic imperialist plans.'