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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Regime-change case for Poirot: Syria conflict as ‘whodunnit?'

This new piece of mine appears over at the RT Op-Edge website.

'The ABC Murders' comes to my mind every time I think of Libya and Syria and the ‘Arab Spring.’ When do you notice an individual 'regime change' least? Answer: When it is in a series of 'regime changes'.

"When do you notice a pin least? When it is in a pin cushion! When do you notice an individual murder least? When it is one of a series of related murders".

So declares the great Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as he unveils the murderer in Agatha Christie's classic mystery 'The ABC Murders'.

You can read the whole piece here

1 comment:

Undergroundman said...

Now we get the news the US is convinced Assad has used chemical weapons. So arming the Sunni insurgents is now 'on the table' as is said. We don't yet know which group. I think it would be the Muslim Brotherhood, as the leadership was co-opted easily enough in Eygpt.

The US was positively itching to arm 'the rebels' officially for some time. The chemical weapons pretext was one always needed to convince them that could justify extending a cynical strategy of covertly been promoting via the CIA the jihadists that they had favoured already- just as they did in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

It will be interesting to see how Iran and Russia will react to this. The only certainty is an intensification of the war, regional instability and a potentially very dangerous clash of interests together with an arms race by outside powers to back 'their side'. This is a very, very dangerous situation.

I am full of grim foreboding about the course of events being set in motion.