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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In Memoriam: The innocent victims of NATO's attack on RTS, 23rd April 1999


Darko Stoimenovski (26), technician
Nebojsa Stojanovic (27), technician
Dragorad Dragojevic (27), security guard
Ksenija Bankovic (28), video mixer
Jelica Munitlak (28), make-up artist
Dejan Markovic (30), security guard
Aleksandar Deletic (31), cameraman
Dragan Tasic (31), technician
Slavisa Stevanovic (32), producer
Sinisa Medic (33), programme designer
Ivan Stukalo (34), foreign programming specialist
Milan Joksimovic (47), security officer
Branislav Jovanovic (50), programme operator
Slobodan Jontic (54), set director
Milovan Jankovic (59), mechanic
Tomislav Mitrovic (61), programme director.

Killed on the day that NATO bombed a television station for not toeing the NATO party line. 
More on this (as yet) unpunished war crime here.


Dar said...

Thank you for remembering that forgotten criminal war.

John Edwards said...

I have not yet seen the recently published biography "Not for turning" of Margaret Thatcher written by her long time adviser Robin Harris (and strong supporter of Croatia in the civil war in Yugoslavia). Apparently it reveals that there were a number of secret meetings held between Thatcher and Tony Blair over intervention in Kosovo.This may be worth looking into.

Neil Clark said...

Dar: thanks- we should never forget it.
John: yes, definitely. Mrs T certainly no friend of Yugoslavia in the 90s.