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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind: Neo-Con MP & fraudster Denis MacShane resigns from Parliament

Oh dear!

The former Europe Minister announced he was quitting after MPs on the Standards and Privileges Committee banned him from the Commons for a year for what they described as ‘the gravest’ breach of expenses they have seen.

Mr MacShane claimed thousands in travel expenses so he could jet around Europe and for consulting services using fake invoices from a front organisation that he had set up.

The bills were signed with a “nom de plume” purporting to come from a general manager who did not in fact exist,’ the MPs said.

The former MP for Rotherham also claimed thousands of pounds for computers and laptops, including one which he allowed an intern to keep after they stopped working for him.
The total Mr MacShane claimed on expenses for computers was £5,968. He even submitted the same invoice twice for one computer he bought…

More on the shaming of Neo-Con MP Denis MacShane here.

Meanwhile, here's my 2009 blog post on Macshame and the 'European Policy Institute'.

Well, MacShane's political career is thankfully finished, but if he doesn't get arrested for his fraud- remember he was stealing from you and me dear reader- it will be another scandal. We'll see in the next few weeks if well-connected Neo-Cons really are above the law.


Chris Hall said...

Let's hope he does get pulled up before the beak on this, although I did see that some evidence couldn't be used because of Commons proveleges or summat like that.

Good riddance to him anyways.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Chris,
No reason why he shouldn't be arrested:

John Mann MP has countered that claim about Commons privileges.

V. important that he does stand trial to show that Neo-Cons who are well connected and have support in elite circles are not above the law.

David Lindsay said...

Denis MacShane did valuable work against prostitution and against indecency in the media.

And he had, at least, the virtue of being honestly in favour of all of the assaults on British sovereignty, inseparable as they are among themselves: the EU, American hegemony, Israeli interference (time to revisit those Israeli Embassy press releases which he used to pretend were parliamentary reports), and so on. Including their imposition on the world by force of arms.

His fake think tank is the neocon norm. Liam Fox had his Atlantic Bridge. Policy Exchange, long ago exposed as a forgers' den, is really just a trading name of Michael Gove's office. And apart from pay its staff, what, exactly, does the Henry Jackson Society, a registered charity, do?

Now, both to continue MacShane's good work and to counteract his bad, which Blue Labour figure is going to be the candidate at the Rotherham by-election?

Vladimir Gagic said...

best news all month

Neil Clark said...

if not of the whole year!

jock mctrousers said...

Horrible guy, with the face of a psychopathic hamster.

His worst offense (that I know about) was his vocal support for the coup against Venezuela's Chavez

" As Foreign Office Minister during the military coup against Hugo Chavez in 2002, Denis MacShane described Chavez in The Times as a “ranting, populist demagogue”, comparing him to Mussolini, words from an international minister that can only have been received positively by the illegal military coup plotters. Not once in The Times nor in his Foreign Office statement during the coup did Denis MacShane call for elected President, Hugo Ch├ívez, to be returned to power. [Instead calling ambiguously for “swift return to a legitimate, democratic government in Venezuela” following what he called the “departure” of Chavez] "

Zionist, blairite, neocon with a glib line in Marxist PR, tempered with the predictable 'lets's be sensible' sell-outs. According to a commenter on Socialist Unity:

" He cut his political teeth as a leading official with the International Metalworkers’ Federation in Switzerland, where he ran a long and vicious anti-Communist campaign to exclude the CGT from the international trade union movement."

Those vicious hamster teeth. Couldn't happen to a nice guy.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Jock,
great to hear from you. I hope you are well. Did you listen to George Galloway's demolition of a Tory MP re MacShane on Radio 5 Live?

jock mctrousers said...

Hi Neil, stop smoking! I found the Galloway R5 thing at

He's on fine form.