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Saturday, October 20, 2012

For a future that works: support the day of protests

If you're based in the UK do try and support the anti-austerity protests going on in Belfast, Glasgow and London today. The government tells us the cupboard is bare, but of course there's always money for war, as we saw with Libya last year and we can be sure that if the US President got on the phone and said 'come on, we're going to attack Syria/Iran', then the money would miraculously be found.

The state of the public finances is being used as an excuse to destroy the last remains of the post-1945 settlement. Meanwhile, the bankers and financial speculators, the people who caused the crash of 2008, and the people that we, the taxpayers, bailed out, continue to rake in millions.

Details of today's demonstrations can be found here.

While here you can read a piece by Lindsey German of Stop the War, on why Stop the War is taking part in today's demonstrations.

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