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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Wrong Munro

As a huge fan of the Edwardian comic writer Hector Hugh Munro aka Saki  (I wrote an appreciation piece on him for the Daily Telegraph a few years back), I was very pleased to see the great man’s photograph in the new edition of the Radio Times- page 106, above the caption:

Munro: Mountain Man 8.00pm . Profile of Victorian adventurer Hugh Munro.

....Nicholas Crane visits some of Scotland's most spectacular peaks as he explores the legacy of Victorian adventurer Hugh Munro, whose lofty ambition it was to climb and list all of Scotland's mountains that stand over 3,000 ft. '

I've read nearly all of Saki's work and also a biography of him and so it was a huge surprise to read that he was, in addition to his other talents, a mountaineer whose ‘lofty ambition it was to climb and list all of Scotland’s mountains that stand over 3,000 ft’.

I think perhaps the man whose photo the Radio Times should have used was this other Hugh Munro.

I'm sure Saki, with his wonderful sense of humour, would have seen the funny side of it!


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