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Friday, September 23, 2011

Spot the Difference: The US stance on Palestine and Kosovo

So, the US says that Palestine independence can only come if/when Israel agrees to it. I can’t recall the US saying that Kosovan independence needed to have the approval of Serbia, can you?

Why the double standards, Mr Obama?

UPDATE: The Daily Mail reports:

Tony Blair yesterday condemned a ‘deeply confrontational’ move by the Palestinian president to ask the United Nations to recognise an independent state for his people.

I wonder if this is the same Tony Blair who was so enthusiastic about Kosovan independence.


Rory Gallivan said...

Because the security threat faced by Israel is much graver than that faced by Serbia. Wouldn't you agree?

neil craig said...

Actually when the US, UN (and the rest) signed the temporary occupation agreement they did specifically say that any change in Kosovo's status woould require Yugoslavia to agree since its sovereignty was recognised.

There was a way round this.

All they had to do was be totally dishonest.

But you can see why Israel is not willing to trust the UN.

jack said...

I am glad you have brought this point up Neil and wonder why no one else has made a point of this obvious hypocrisy.

The reason that Washington recognises Kosovo and not Palestine is that a) Zionist lobbies and pressure groups inside the US and b) Palestine does not carry future Caspian oil pipelines into Europe and drug and sex traffic revenue.

To quote former Zionist senator Tom Lantos:

“Just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led governments in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and, in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe”

Here he is in Kosovo in 1990 promising to work on their behalf for Kosovo independence.

Also point out that Thaci’s campaign advisor was an Israeli.

“In Kosovo -- where Thaci's campaign adviser was an Israeli, and where a recent candidate for Parliament used a picture of himself embracing U.S. President George W. Bush on his promotional poster -- fears about radical Islam seem far-fetched.

Asked whether Kosovo was pro-Israel, Vlora Citaku, a spokeswoman for Thaci, laughed. "There is only one answer," she said. "We are pro-U.S."

Actually Kosovo is not the only majority Muslim region that Washington recognises as an independent state as Sibel Edmonds points out the US is the only country to recognise Xinjing province or as US acknowledges it as East Turkistan in 2004 holding a ceremony in Washington DC with the Uyghur government in exile and its institutions like the Uyghur World Congress being on the payroll of NED. The same can be said of the Chechens without the formal declaration of independence.

FaridaSamatha said...

Israel is a criminal terrorist and a rascist state. It leaders are all evil and they have only one desire and this is to expell the Palestinian People. These people don't "trust" the UN because they know that they will loose the vote. But Kosovo on the other had is opposed by the BRICS nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and they are the future. So lets hope that the U.S. and Israel are exposed as hypocrytes and liars. The U.S. is a dihonest broker and must be dumped by the Palestinians now!!!

Anonymous said...

well, Rory Gallivan, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was intensively bombarded by a 19-nation superpower-led alliance which went on to occupy a large portion of its territory (after having initially demanded to occupy *all* of its territory, the refusal of which demand led to the bombing), and then sponsored the detachment of said territory. If this happened to any other country in the world, including your own and (of course!) Israel, I'll bet you'd consider that a pretty grave compromising of that country's security. So is Serbia the only country in the world which can be bombed and invaded without facing any "grave" "security threat" or are there other national communities that you view with the same glib and hypocritical disdain?

jack said...


BRICS is not the future it is a trap created by Goldman Sachs in the 70's used to trap Russia and China via British banking control of Brazil.

David Lindsay said...

Perhaps any Palestinian Declaration of Independence should not come from those who seek to keep alive the age-old civilisation of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Druze, with Arabic as its lingua franca and with its de facto capital at Damascus, on which a body blow was inflicted in 1948?

Perhaps it needs to come, not even from Hamas, but from those, and they certainly do exist, who vilify Hamas for having sold out, and who instead seek a far more hardline Islamist regime (no Saudi-style votes for women here) bedecked with the paraphernalia of Nazism and engaged in the genocide of anyone who does not share that vision?

Perhaps it needs to come from those whose Declaration could be relied upon to be denounced by the Christian, Muslim, and Arab-nationalist leaders within Israel's pre-1967 borders, just as the Kosovan UDI was, and continues to be, denounced by the Muslim, Albanian, Catholic, Jewish and Gypsy leaders in Serbia?

The United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, NATO, and all the rest of them would them be fully supportive, up to and including the promise of armed force if necessary. Wouldn't they? If not, why not?

Douglas said...

Kosovo does not want to wipe out Serbia. Hamas and the West Bank Jordanians want to wipe out Israel. Don't take my word for it. Read the Hamas Charter. Look at FaridaSamatha's comment.

@jack - Tom Lantos was a Representative, not a Senator.

New York's 9th Congressional District has a large Jewish population. The recent election of a Republican (first time since 1923) is, in my opinion, a vote of no confidence by American Jews in President Obama's policy toward Israel.

David Lindsay said...

Douglas, Jordan as created at the end of the British Mandate, including the West Bank, is indeed the Palestinian homeland. There has never been a state with its border at the Jordan, and the populations on either Bank are one people. The answer to the question of why anyone ever designed a country so short of water as Jordan is, is that no one ever did. The creation of a Palestinian State in the West Bank, which does not vote for Hamas, would be the end of the Hashemite Kingdom: the pressure for incorporation into that State would be irresistible. That, rather than the destruction of Israel, would be the great national aspiration. And then, following its rapid and its largely (if not entirely) bloodless achievement, that would be the great national triumph.

The AIPAC and ADL crowd, representative of nothing and no one but itself, is no base of Obama's, having campaigned almost insanely to prevent his nomination, and having done little, to put it politely, to secure his election. The adherents of that strange thing, Christian Zionism (what is it with America as a hotbed of heterodoxies?), did not vote for him last time and would never vote for him next time, no matter what he said or did. He beat AIPAC and the ADL for the nomination, and he beat the Left Behind lot at the election. So, what if Obama told them where to stick it, told them that it was payback time?

The Republican Party has just captured the formerly safe Democratic seat vacated by Anthony Weiner. But is that really because of opposition on the part of that district's largely Jewish electorate to the Obama Administration's acceptance of reality in relation to the Holy Land? If so, then that amounts to an overriding allegiance to a foreign power, fundamentally incompatible with allegiance to the American Republic. American Jews did not used to be like that.

The Orthodox regarded Zionism, a wholly atheistic and largely Marxist creation, as a blasphemous presumption, a position which a few of them still articulate. And the American Reform (not quite the same thing as the British Reform) defined Jews as a religious community, not as an ethnic group, while seeing America as the polity most shaped by Jews and best embodying what they identified as Judaism's political aspirations. There is a quiet revival of that sort of Americanism underway among those taking a renewed interest in Classical Reform. But apparently, it has not yet reached New York's Ninth Congressional District.

Israel is a land of highly socialised medicine and of ostentatiously homosexual street parades. Of which of these does the Republican Party now approve? Moreover, if there cannot be a Palestinian State, contrary to the position of the last Republican President, then with whom and with what have the Israelis ever been negotiating? Those interlocutors do not seek recognition of a Muslim state; on the contrary, the Palestinian Authority already operates a Christian quota without parallel in Israel, though corresponding to similar arrangements in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. They do not even seek recognition of an Arab state. Ever since 1993, they have recognised Israel within her borders before 1967, and they seek nothing more than recognition of Palestine in the territory captured in that year, the home of everyone who lives there, and if anything an emerging or emerged Orthodox Jewish refuge from godless Zionism.

The only problem is with recognising Israel as "a Jewish state", condemning to the second class citizenship from which the Israeli Constitution theoretically protects them (however different the practice may be) a fifth of the population, including the world's most ancient Christian communities, now variously Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran. Truly, a cause to unite WASPs and the German or Scandinavian Midwest with all the old "white ethnics" except, perhaps, one. In which case, the Republican Party would be welcome to that one. Has it really come to this, either for that party or for that ethnic group?

FaridaSamatha said...

Look at our comments! you are crazy Douglas. We all know that Avigdor Lieverman is a rascist. He is an evil man. You Douglas want genocide against all Muslims and Arabs. you are a rascist. you would like to exterminate all Muslims from the world.

jack said...


Kosovo does not want to wipe out Serbia. Hamas and the West Bank Jordanians want to wipe out Israel. Don't take my word for it. Read the Hamas Charter. Look at FaridaSamatha's comment.

No it just wants to create a greater Albania, an unfounded charged we levelled against Milosevic and the Serbs, that launched a terrorist campaign against the Serbian state and civilian population supported by organised crime and international Islamic terrorist groups who have all almost completed their task of ethnically cleansing the native Serb population of Kosovo which also includes secessionist movement among Serbs Muslims in the South and Albanian training camps not just in Kosovo but in neighbouring Macedonia.

Now with US/EU/NATO support they seem to be enacting there final solution against the last remaining Serbs in the province.

Security wise Kosovo is an absolute disaster with the ruling regime involved in sex, organ and Afghan drug smuggling to Albanian organised crime networks that now dominate Europe and a base for terrorist groups and other criminals to operate.
Chechen warlords established contacts with the KLA in 97 buying up real estate in Kosovo.

At least on the internet it is well known that that the London tube bomber mastermind was recruited by Pakistani and British intelligence too recruit British born Pakistanis to fight in Bosnia and Kosovo who through his connects in Kosovo established during the late 90’s was able to acquire the explosives used in the attack.

”@jack - Tom Lantos was a Representative, not a Senator

Yes you’re right but the fact remains and the point I was making is that a Zionist politician and other Neocons who openly supports a regime tied to Iranian and international Islamic terrorism including Bin Ladin makes all the arguments for not recognising Palestine nil and void.

Even Douglas Feith warned at the time that Kosovos independence would have repercussions in regards to recognition of an independent Palestinian state.