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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who will save Libya from its western saviours?

What both the pro-intervention left and right share is the conviction that "we" (meaning the civilized democratic West) have the right and the ability to impose our will on other countries.

Certain French movements whose stock in trade is to denounce racism and colonialism have failed to remember that all colonial conquests were carried out against satraps, Indian princes and African kings who were denounced as autocrats (which they were) or to notice that there is something odd about French organizations deciding who are the "legitimate representatives" of the Libyan people.

……The activists who in March insisted that “we must do something” to stop a hypothetical massacre are doing nothing today to stop a massacre that is not hypothetical but real and visible, and carried out by those who “did something”.

You can read the whole of Diana Johnstone & Jean Bricmont’s brilliant piece on the far from humanitarian, ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya here.

Hat tip: Media Lens message board.

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brian said...

fyi MY Letter to Reporters without Borders:

hello RSF,
are you aware that independent journalists are being reported as being shot at by mysterious snipers in Tripoli?No other jounalists...And that CNN staff have threatened indepedent jouranlist Mahdi Nazemroay. Franklin Lamb has been shot in the leg by a roof top sniper
Please take action


CNN staff have also directly threatened independent journalists staying in the same hotel as NATO attempts to force through rebels into Tripoli.

Truth journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya fired on at Tripoli hotel by NATO backed terrorists and snipers, threatened by CNN 'journalist'.

From: mary lynn []
Sent: Monday, 22 August 2011 12:05
Subject: Notice regarding the shooting of Franklin Lamb in Libya

The Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon confirms reports that FranklinLamb was shot at approximately 11:45 a.m. on Sunday August 21 in Tripoli,Libya outside of the Corinthia Hotel where he has been staying.

Franklin had just returned from a 90 minute bicycle tour of central Tripoli
and was walking past the Hotel swimming pool when he was hit in his right
Witnesses report having seen sniper fire coming from the roof of the
Marriott Hotel across from the Corinthia.

Franklin is basicly OK. The bullet has been removed and he is resting
comfortably and wishes that no one be concerned because he will be fine.

Internet has been cut in Libya and events inside Tripoli are unclear. The
PCRC will advise if events warrant.

In solidarity,