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Monday, February 07, 2011

Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4 : The greatest comeback in Premier League history

Well, I can’t recall a more amazing game in the Premiership can you? In fact I’d say it was the most remarkable top flight match since QPR 5 Newcastle 5 in September 1984, when QPR were 4-0 down at half time... Remember that one?

Well done to Newcastle for their astonishing comeback. And after a few weeks of boringly predictable results, wasn't it good to see something unexpected this weekend- not just at St James' Park, but at Molineux and Stamford Bridge too? And Wigan scoring four goals as well!


DBC Reed said...

Does it really compare with the AC Milan-Liverpool Cup Final which the side three-nil down at half time won?
Also the whole match turned on the distasteful incident with the distasteful Joey Barton lunging at Abou Diaby.Not exactly a fair-and- square outcome.

Douglas said...

I believe you would be pleased to know that the NFL Green Bay Packers, the only NFL team owned by the city in which it plays, won its fourth Super Bowl and 13th NFL Championship.

Do you think the city of Newcastle should own the team? If so, why? If not, why not?

DBC Reed said...

The biggest comeback in recent times was Lampard equalising just before half time against Germany in the World Cup.But of course this was negated by the usual puffed-up prat of a referee.England should have refused to come out after half-time ,showing some of the back-bone of the magnificent French who would n't put up this kind of nonsense in the World Cup and in World War One.But instead they chose to soldier on against the odds leaving themselves open to more counter attacks.They could have ended the reign of petty officials using their own "judgement"without the aid of technology.Look what good Hawkeye has done recently and could have done in Mc Enroe's time.