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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Great news: Wikileaks is set to target the banks

This piece of mine appears in today's First Post.

Neil Clark: Capital runs the world, not politicians, so the next ‘megaleak’ could be a real eye-opener

So Prince Andrew is "cocky" and Silvio Berlusconi has "a penchant for partying hard". If you're disappointed by the less than earth-shattering content of WikiLeaks' diplomatic cables, don't worry. Something far more interesting is coming next.

In an interview with Forbes magazine earlier this month, WikiLeaks' editor-in-chief Julian Assange announced that his site was planning another "megaleak" for early 2011, which would be from the private sector and involve "a big US bank"……

A WikiLeaks' shift from focusing on government to the world of big business would be hugely welcome. For the trouble with this week's release of US diplomatic cables is that it reinforces the belief that governments are the most important actors in world affairs. They're not. Capital runs the world, not politicians.

You can read the whole article here.
UPDATE: Here's more evidence of the power of bankers.


jock mctrousers said...

Well, we'll see. Here's an alternative view of Wikileaks I find worth considering, from Gordon Duff on Veterans Today:

When wikileaks start giving us stuff we didn't already know, stuff that damages Israel, and the bankers of course, then I'll be more persuaded.

Chris H said...

If wikileaks can deliver on this then I'll be getting some beers in and settling down for the show. Should be good.

jack said...

Why in the diplomatic cables is there no reference to US embassy support to opposition groups and NGO's operating in Russia, Belarus, Serbia, China, Georgia and Central Asia that we know about?

There are also other things I would expect with information about Lebanon like Hariri assassination and investigation and terrorist spying given Lebanon’s connection to terrorism and 9/11 with Bakri, Jarrah and Soubra.

I guess it would be interesting to hear about the banks but I doubt it will be anything earth shattering and probably target banks that are collapsing anyway saying that the bailout money is invested in these overseas foreign banks.

I doubt they will list any banks that are involved in money laundering of Afghan heroin money or those linked to terrorism except the BCCI that was shut down shortly after 9/11 was it filed for bankruptcy when its investors suddenly pulled out who were operating in the Balkans.

One interesting leak though is that US and Cheney were aware that Georgia was going to attack South Ossetia in the August war of 2008 although it does not say they that the US helped organised and plan the attack with other countries like Operation Storm against the Serbs give the amount of evidence at the time (MPRI, massive shipment of weapons to Georgia prior the attack, NATO drills, NGO’s organised planned protests in Spain, Baltics and Israel that failed to materialise, etc).

@jock mctrousers

I don’t like VT and Duff analysis much as he puts Israel at the centre of everything but the leaks do support Israel’s agenda towards Iran while largely silent on Israel itself.

neil craig said...

I think you are wrong about big money being more powerful than politics.

Just over 50% of Britain's GNP is spent by government which doesn't leave that much for these financiers (or indeed the rest of us).

While a small number of windfarm owners etc make money out of the global warming scam most industries don't (hence China can manage 10% & can manage stagnation). On the other hand CAGW certainly enhances the powers of politicians.

When Hitler came to power a small number of very rich Jews were able to buy their way out but even they didn't control Hitler.

The fraudulent arrest warrant against Assange shows a power that mere money cannot match. (Milosevic too)

I would be willing to take a small bet, regarding your update, that Meryn King will lose his job before Cameron does.

The one thing big money can do is run away from states that would grab the goods or regulate any profits out of existence. That is a significant power & one I would argue is in the best overall interest of humanity since the creation of wealth is better than its destruction but the power to usually avoid mugging is obvioulsy not such a major power as being able to mug.

FaridaSamantha said...

Julian Assange is a hero. We don't think they will arrest him. The Swedes are all innocent. Their arrest Warrant was all made up by the Americans. The Americans fear this guy and his internet encyclopedia more that that crazy stupid Pastor Terry Jones because of the fact that his website has opened governments and he is able to speak truth to power. Let's all hope that there are people like him in this world. P.S.: We all wonder is the bank or banks going to be Goldman Sachs. Let's all find out soon!

neil craig said...

Strangely enough I agree with Farida that Assange is clearly being fitted up though I can't agree about the innocence of those Swedish prosecutors who oput thjeir name to the warrent.

The leaks will certainly make US diplomacy more difficult but for any embarrassment they have caused the fact that we & NK know the Chinese are not backing NK& that the Iranians know how supportive of US action the arabs are (& uninterested in helping Hamas) is likely to make both countries less likely to start something through miscalculation.

"Opern covenants openly arrived at" has merit.

FaridaSamantha said...

Julian Assange is an innocent man who did nothing wrong other than trying to force governments to be more open. He wanted nothing but the truth. His war Logs all show us that the United States is going to face a complete and catastrophic defeat in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. is no longer going to project its power outside of the Western Hemisphere. The only country where their coup/intervention was sucessful was in Honduras. But that was because of the fact that it was not only in the Western Hemisphere it was also in the North American Continent. We all hope that Julian Assange can release more leaks and end this stupid "war on terror" once and for all. Julian Assange will never be sent to Sweden. Those Swedes had to change their so-called "rape-charge" several times. It is not the Swedes who are the villians it is the American Government.