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Monday, January 18, 2010

No, we won't forget it, Mr Cohen

Your hero Tony Bliar is a war criminal and will end up in a prison cell.

Nor will we ever forget the role that warmongering journalists like you played in propagandising for a blatantly illegal and immoral conflict.

Oh, and here’s the latest news from oh so democratic ‘liberated’ Iraq.


vladimir gagic said...

Yes, Tony Blair is a war criminal, but no he will never end up in a prison cell. Ante Pavlevic, Alija Izetbegovic, and Franjo Tudjman were all war criminals, and they all died never having served a day in prison.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Vladimir,
Good point, but we must remain optimistic that one day Blair will have to answer for his many crimes.

olching said...

You old, romantic, Neil.

It's quite clear that Blair et al will never face justice as such. I've resigned myself to it.

The only solace is their place in history (bear in mind the chic revisionist historians of the Iraq War who are currently being born...that will be a new battle!) and (I keep on saying this) the not unlikely extrajudicial justice meted out at some point. Sounds harsh, but, pah, look at the picture in the post.

No, no, they've gotten away with murder, no question.

As far as Cohen is concerned, well I was modded out of existence on that thread. The guy is a vile little gekko.

Anonymous said...

Does Nick Cohen's opinion on anything really matter? he's a ridiculous, blustering oaf, who does'nt know what he thinks about anything.

He once appeard on a documentary made by Richard Littlejohn and it was Littlejohn's reputation that ended up more damaged.

David Lindsay said...

I am wholly unsurprised that Nick Cohen is not a Fern Britton viewer, but even so. Blair has now admitted the whole thing. On television.

Opposition to this war was supposed to have been "anti-Semitic" at the time, although heaven knows how or why. Any threat to Israel would have depended on the existence of WMD, an existence believed neither by ninety per cent of the population nor, as everyone but Cohen could tell and as everyone but Cohen now knows from the horse's mouth, by Tony Blair.

But they have exhausted everything else. They have exhausted everything else on Afghanistan, so they are back to 9/11, a wholly unconnected event. And they have exhausted everything else on Iraq, so they are back to accusing that war's totally vindicated opponents of being anti-Semitic for never having supported the deaths of, as even Kelvin Mackenzie baldly stated it on Question Time, one million Semites.

Another Semite, Nick Cohen, is so much better than this.