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Friday, August 28, 2009

An Appeal from Jock McTrousers

Our friend and much-valued regular commenter Jock McTrousers writes:

NEIL - OFF TOPIC BUT IMPORTANT - well, somebody mentioned a disabilities act earlier.


I'd like to draw your attention to this; I suspect you may not know about it, as scarcely anyone else seems to - I only just found out by accident, and I'm one of the people who would be effected (catastrophically) by the removal of DLA. I've suspected it was coming, but it seems to have started, in a typically sneaky New Labour way.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE draw the attention of your readers and all political and labour movement contacts to this. The following is an excerpt from an article on the ' Benefits and Work guides you can trust' website (there is a petition too):

" A government green paper has revealed plans to stop paying disability benefits and hand the cash over to social services instead. The consultation period for the green paper ends on 13 November. If there has been no significant outcry against the plans by then, it seems very likely that whichever party is in power after the next election will seize this opportunity to cut public spending by over a billion pounds a year. Although the actual changes may take years to be brought in, it is what happens between now and November 13th that is likely to seal the fate of disability benefits.

The Shaping the Future of Care Green Paper published by the DWP and the Department of Health on 14th July sets out government plans to get rid of attendance allowance and, depending on public reaction, also leaves the way clear to end the care component of disability living allowance. "

Full article and petition here.

Disgusting isn’t it? We’re told that public spending needs to be cut. But no talk from either of our two main parties about bringing British armed forces back from the unwinnable war in Afghanistan. Or, in reintroducing proper rates of income tax on the very wealthy. Or of introducing a new Wealth Tax. Instead, let’s find some savings by attacking the most vulnerable in our society.


jock mctrousers said...

Many thanks for that Neil!

Exile said...

OK, include me in on this as well. I have just blogged about it, so let's see how we do.

Claire said...

Thanks for flagging that.