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Monday, June 08, 2009

Britain's Anti-Democratic Democrats

I've always found in life that the people who make the biggest noise about being supporters of 'democracy' are in fact the most anti-democratic people around.

The point has been proved again today by the hysterical reaction of so-called 'democrats' to the BNP's success in the Euro elections. I am not a supporter of the BNP and did not vote for the party in the Euro elections. But I respect the right of people to vote BNP, if they so wish, in the same way I respect the right of people to vote Communist, Lib Dem, Green or any other party. One commenter on a website I was reading said that last night's results meant that Proportional Representation must never be introduced in Britain. That's right- we have to stick a hideously undemocratic electoral system, because parties the official 'democrats' approve of might win seats.

For anti-democratic democrats, 'democracy' means the people only being allowed voting for parties which they officially approve. Yugoslavia was bombed for repeatedly voting the 'wrong way' in the 1990s and electing a socialist government which didn't 'restructure' the economy in the way global capital required. Belarus is labelled a 'dictatorship', because Western 'democrats' don't like the independently-minded Lukashenko. And Hugo Chavez gets called a 'dictator' too, despite holding regular elections and referenda.

I've no doubt that if the BNP, the Socialist Labour Party, the Communist Party, or any other grouping that does not meet with approval of our anti-democratic 'democrats', gained enough support to form a government, then Britain- and its leader- would face similar treatment.

And all in the name of 'democracy'!

UPDATE: I spotted this wonderful example of anti-democratic democracy earlier this afternoon. It's a comment on a 'pro-democracy' website by 'field'.
If you see any more classics like this, please send them in!

This just underlines my point that we need a British equivalent of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany. If it is the case that the BNP, whilst presenting a patriotic, pro-indigenous and pro-democracy front is actually controlled by Nazi conspirators who intend to destroy democracy and bring in race rule, then clearly it is seeking to crush our constitution and should be banned, with ringleaders being given long prison sentences for conspiracy.
Of course banning a political party is a very serious matter and one that must be subject to lengthy due process. But I believe it is essential for all democracies. (!!!!). Only democrats should be allowed to enter the democratic fold. Totalitarians and monarchists should not be allowed to stand. Of course these rules would have to apply to Islamists and Marxists as well as Nazis.

Why, of course. And while you’re at it ’field’ why not ban parties who oppose Zionism (they’re all anti-semitic obviously), parties who oppose privatisation (they're against the 'rights' of global capital to make money) - and parties who don’t have the ‘right’ policies on trans-gender rights- as well? Oh, and if we're banning Islamist parties, we need to ban Christian Parties (some of them have some awfully conservative views)and Hindu parties. And of course, not only Marxist parties, but neo-Marxist parties and crypto-Marxist parties.....


DBC Reed said...

I'm not sure that I approve of parties that use democracy to get the support of majorities to bully
minorities.All parties should satisfy the democratic minimum of treating all inhabitants of areas thay might come under their control the same.This would not only give racist parties a hard time,it would severely curtail a lot of nationalists ,possibly even undercut all the UK parties that put the interests of homeowners in front of everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Oh nothing for you to get so excited about Neil, the groups you would support (the SLP or No2EU - Yes to Democracy) were, er, favoured by a puny number of electors.

olching said...

Well, I disagree with your stance. The BNP are anti-democrats. This observation does not mean that I veto somebody's right to vote for them, but it also means that everyone has the responsibility to expose the fascists and bigots at any and every opportunity. To treat them as 'just another party' is to miss the point.

The BNP are disgusting arseholes that need weeding out of society. They espouse anti-democratic principles and are racist and bigoted.

Naturally, I won't treat someone who voted for the BNP with courtesy, because I think they and their choice are vile. It's something the BNP and its supporters ought to understand: They can stand for election, be elected, but should also be prepared to be treated in the harshest way for being bigoted scum.

Anonymous said...

Any reasonable democracy ought to allow the widest possible spectrum of open competition between parties but this ought to be anchored in a constitutional agreement that secures the fundamental rights of all. The problem with many countries is that the power of government significantly outweighs the power of that anchor - as it does in the U.K., existing as it does without a written constitution, backed by a coherent balance of powers. This is why the electoral success (small as it is) of the BNP gives cause for reasonable concern.

As to your litany of 'democrats', I can only comment on dear Mr Lukashenka - his perculiar tragedy is that he has not the courage to be a democrat (he would probably win in an open and fair contest) but prefers not to try. It is 'safer' that way!