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Monday, April 27, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful: (1) A Hungarian horse named Overdose

So, it seems we're all going to die of swine flu. That's of course if those dastardly terrorists based in Afghanistan don't get us first. And on top of all this we have the new 50% top rate of tax, the prospect of Michael Caine emigrating, and something called 'Harriet's mad sex war' taking us back to the 'Dark Ages' (according to the ever-cheerful Ms Melanie Phillips). Crikey, things sound bad don't they. And on top of it all, it's Monday and it's raining.

But at least, as the late Queen Mum used to say, we still have the horses.

Above you can watch a clip of the unbeaten Hungarian wonderhorse, Overdose, chalking up his twelfth victory on the bounce in the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest last weekend. If you haven't seen the race already, you're in for a real treat. Overdose has been labelled an 'absolute freak' by the senior international handicapper and if you watch the clip, you'll understand why.

You can hear me talking about the greatest horse to emerge from Hungary since the legendary Kincsem, on the BBC World Service, here. (The feature is about 47 minutes 30 seconds into the programme).

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