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Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Good News from America

Hot on the heels of the de-selection of the pro-war Senator Joe Lierberman in Connecticut, comes news of another encouraging development in the USA. Jack Carter, son of the most pacific US President since the war, has won the Democratic primary in Nevada, polling a massive 76% against his pro-war rival's 9%.
The move by anti-war Democrats to reclaim their party from the clutches of Bush-loving, KLA terrorist supporting extremists like Lieberman is clearly gathering apace.
On this side of the pond, it's time the decent factions of the Labour Party followed suit. Any Labour MP associated with pro-war groups such as The Henry Jackson Society or the Euston Manifesto should be targeted for deselection. If the likes of Gisela Stuart and Dennis McShane want to stand as independents on a pro-war platform, that's up to them.
But they should not be allowed to do so under a 'Labour Party' banner.

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TheRedLeopard said...

Just targeting MPs who are members of the Scoop Jackson Fan Club and Eustonistas is not going to be enough. Bliar himself, is for example, not a member of either. Nor is Hoon the Loon, The Man of Straw or that Doctor chappie whose job is to keep scaring us into supporting more attacks on Middle East countries. All Labour MPs who supported the war and who have not publicly recanted are fair game.